i’m jealous of anyone under 30

So, today is my birthday, and what better way to celebrate than curating the ultimate birthday show for myself! A special location, great music, a delicious menu, VIP guests and a short list of gifts I’d like sent to my home {What? It’s my special day… I can make a fantasy gift list if I want to!}

It’s my party, and you’re invited…

comments (7)

  1. lillianna /// 05.14.2010 /// 7:51am

    Happy Birthday! And welcome to the club (it’s better than you think 🙂

  2. The Jealous Curator /// 05.14.2010 /// 7:56am

    thanks lillianna… but sadly, i’ve already been in the club for awhile!!! 😉

  3. Shawn /// 05.14.2010 /// 8:00am

    Happy Birthday!I’ve been lurking on your site for some time now and felt this was a good time to come out of the closet.You have a great blog,of which I am exceedingly jealous.

  4. vadjutka /// 05.14.2010 /// 8:39am

    happy b-day! I love that picture – so cute 🙂

    I think enjoy the 30-something membership – after all, it is lower than the 40-something 🙂

  5. theGK /// 05.14.2010 /// 12:33pm

    Happy Birthday TJC!

  6. belinda/gretchenmist /// 05.15.2010 /// 2:12pm

    happy birthday!
    30s are so good, am on the last 11 months of being 30 something. . .
    love the jealousy 🙂

  7. angie /// 07.27.2010 /// 6:19am

    me too. completely jealous!

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