i’m jealous of ronan boyle

There is so much more to this story*, but here is the quick version… After spending years with drug addiction, living on the street, two stints in rehab, and a lot of hard work, Ronan Boyle emerged as a very talented {and sober} artist. He had traded the “faded and discoloured concrete walls of his street environment [for] the artfully distressed concrete walls of the high-end real estate market”, specializing in commissioned decorative abstracts for these development showrooms. He continued working in the studio, and because of these two incredibly opposite life experiences, several beautiful series were born… Concrete, Lucky, and Dancers just to name a few. I love theĀ  layering, bold type and distressed textures that seem so effortlessly combined. I am very jealous of his work, and even more inspired by his story.

*{If you want to read more about Ronan’s life, there is a great article in ION Magazine…}