i’m always jealous of martha rich

I don’t know how many times I’ve written about Martha Rich… ok, five. I can’t help myself! I really am so jealous of her work. It’s simple, raw, and hilarious. I want to make art that is simple, raw and hilarious. Her paintings of food are the closest to my heart, so when I saw the huge body of work {burgers, hot dogs, pies, cakes, ice cream, cupcakes, cookies and more!} that she just finished exhibiting in Palate, at Scion Space in California, I knew that I had no choice but to write about her for a 6th time… and then eat a piece of coconut cake.

{Some of the work from this show is still for sale on her site. It’s affordably delicious, and today is the last day for free shipping! What are you waiting for?! Go!!!}

comments (6)

  1. ria /// 06.30.2010 /// 7:54am

    lol-what are these paintings made on, from the fragments I can see/read, they look like pages from an old recipe book (maybe that’s my hungry stomach playing up tho)….
    Aaaah, if only I had thought of that 😉

  2. The Jealous Curator /// 06.30.2010 /// 8:20am

    i think you’re right… most of her paintings are on pages of old books, but judging by a few of the words showing through, i think these might indeed be from old cookbooks. LOVE HER!!!

  3. Ana /// 07.03.2010 /// 2:55pm

    I love Martha Rich!!

  4. The Jealous Curator /// 07.03.2010 /// 2:57pm

    Clearly, I do too ; ) She’s doing her masters at the moment… I cannot wait to see how her work changes/grows after that experience!

  5. Atmah Ja /// 08.13.2010 /// 10:34am

    It has a way of making you hungry…

  6. The Jealous Curator /// 08.13.2010 /// 11:20am

    mmmm… absolutely! in fact, i may go and eat a piece of cake right now!

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