i’m jealous of rune guneriussen

That’s it… as soon as I finish writing this, I’m taking all of my books and lamps out into the backyard where they clearly belong! Sigh. These beautiful {and let’s face it, quite magical} installations are assembled and then photographed by Norwegian artist Rune Guneriussen. Since 2005, he’s been creating these engaging narratives using man-made objects {like tables, chairs, telephones, globes, and of course, lamps & books} placed into the natural landscape of Norway. Ok, I better go open the back door… my lamps need a bit of fresh air.

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  1. beauty comma /// 07.06.2010 /// 7:31am

    he obviously doesn’t live on the west coast of norway, like me. where i live, it rains so much that you can’t bring anything outside unless it’s equipped with an umbrella and wellingtons. nice find though – i hadn’t heard of him =)

  2. The Jealous Curator /// 07.06.2010 /// 8:54am

    ha! well, maybe he could do a few pieces in your neck of the woods… instead of lamps and books, umbrellas and wellingtons? what do you think? ; )

  3. The Storialist /// 07.06.2010 /// 8:50am

    I’ve been following his work, and couldn’t agree with you more. The lamps? Perfection.

  4. sera /// 07.06.2010 /// 12:05pm

    I love this!!! although, I do want to read my books…

  5. Daughter Earth /// 07.06.2010 /// 3:19pm

    Wow I love these. I am jealous too. I want to live in a forest that has rivers of books and trees that grow pretty lamps.

  6. Kaitlyn /// 07.09.2010 /// 7:03pm

    love! what amazing work!

  7. Valerie /// 07.15.2010 /// 9:36am

    Am on my way to Norway next week…will try to see some of his work…thanks for the contact!

  8. Union Jack Creative – Reflections on Rune /// 08.17.2010 /// 2:54pm

    […] perusing Guneriussen’s portfolio after happening across one of his images featured in a Jealous Curator guest-post at SFGirlByBay, and found them to be wholly mesmerizing. I highly recommend you settle […]

  9. Paris Hotel Boutique /// 08.18.2010 /// 8:33am

    Amazing! Thrilled that I found your blog via sfgirlbybay!

  10. The Jealous Curator /// 08.18.2010 /// 9:13am

    thank you… i’m thrilled that you found me on sfgirlbybay : )

  11. Moorea Seal /// 08.19.2010 /// 10:53pm

    oooooooh me oh my, yep, I am REALLY jealous right now. envious. jealous.

    jealousy becomes me. man, this is so beautiful. if i didn’t have an apartment the size of a pea I would run out to a thrift store and buy 10 lamps right now to replicate this. sheesh. gorgeous.

    ps, I found your blog through a friend. I think i’ll need to visit more often now 🙂

  12. The Jealous Curator /// 09.13.2010 /// 9:04pm

    thanks moorea! and yes, i’m thinking about filling my backyard with lamps… do you think it will keep the neighbours up?!

  13. rune guneriussen | POSTstudio /// 10.26.2010 /// 9:38am

    […] (via, more here). […]

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