i’m jealous of chad wys

In this series, Brutalized Delights, American artist Chad Wys has found his way into to my heart, by choosing thrift shop finds over canvas. And from what I understand, he just graduated from art school this past spring?!* Um, I think it’s pretty safe to say that my student work was nowhere close to being this cool {or this well thought out}. I’m definitely going to keep an eye on him… who knows what he’ll be painting on in five years!

{via Art Hound}

* This just in, via Chad… he didn’t just graduate from art school, he’s a graduate student in Art History with a Bachelor’s degree in English… hm, I think that might be even worse!

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  1. mary /// 09.22.2010 /// 11:26am

    Oh man I love this. Oh and your blog makes me laugh….so thanks for being awesome 🙂

  2. The Jealous Curator /// 09.22.2010 /// 8:06pm

    ha! thanks mary… i think that might be the best compliment EVER ; )

  3. chad wys here « REAL.GOOD.THINGS. /// 12.09.2010 /// 5:33pm

    […] to create compelling works of unique design, objects in fact that seem to cause a great amount of jealousy in some, and envious desire in others, (a sure sign of an up and coming artist.) i highly […]

  4. Randal /// 12.30.2011 /// 7:35am

    I’m jealous of him too. The ability to convince people that what he’s doing is somehow interesting is incredible. The barriers between art and used car sales continue to collapse…