i’m jealous of haley hasler

American artist Haley Hasler… hm, the Cindy Sherman of the painting world? Yep, I think she just might be! Most self-portraits show us the exterior of the artist, however, these ones also reveal what’s happening on the inside… and clearly, there’s a lot going on in there! With great painterly skill, she places herself into all sorts of crazy, iconic, ‘I am woman hear me roar’ situations creating beautiful, fictitious worlds inspired by her day-to-day reality. I’ll have to think about what my self-portrait might include… at the very least I’d need to throw in two wacky wiener dogs, and a creamy cup of coffee. Mmm.

{Haley is represented by Alpha Gallery in Boston.}

Titles: 1) Self-Portrait as a Mother  2) Portrait as Woman with Lamb  3) Portrait as Trick Roper  4) Portrait as Woman Guarding Prairie  5) Portrait as a Mail-Order Bride  6) Self-Portrait as a Bather

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  1. Alex /// 08.06.2010 /// 10:47am

    Makes me think of a swedish painter:
    Linn Fernström.

  2. The Jealous Curator /// 08.06.2010 /// 3:04pm

    yep, i could see that.

  3. jane o sullivan /// 08.08.2010 /// 1:00pm

    I bet
    fantastic work , thank you for being continually jealous 😀

  4. The Jealous Curator /// 08.08.2010 /// 7:11pm

    ha! no problem… it’s quite easy actually ; )