i’m jealous of spencer finch

Obviously, I’m going to have to get myself to Venice… for several reasons. However, today’s reason is because of these two beautiful, side-by-side installations that were part of the Venice Biennial in 2009. {A few weeks back, I wrote about a piece called ‘Falling Garden‘ that was part of the Venice Biennial 2003… see, I have to go!}

American artist Spencer Finch created Moon Dust, by hanging hundreds incandescent bulbs from the ceiling of this old stone building, and Moonlight, the title of the stained glass window, by placing coloured filters over the existing windows. Sigh. I cannot even begin to imagine how magical this must have been in person. Ok, that’s it… hey Venice, I’ll see you in 2011!

{via Apartment Therapy}

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  1. Color Collective /// 08.18.2010 /// 8:06am

    wow. i am right there with you. these installations are just gorgeous!!

  2. dana | yellowtrace blog /// 08.18.2010 /// 4:19pm

    I’m so with you on Venice!
    Btw, I did a post on Spencer Finch not that long ago that shows some of his other equally mesmerising work. Here’s a link.

  3. The Jealous Curator /// 08.18.2010 /// 6:13pm

    hey dana! those blue balloons are GORGEOUS!! …and actually, i got the ‘falling garden’ post via you! not sure how i missed this?! ok, you and me… venice 2011.

  4. Leigha /// 08.18.2010 /// 4:51pm

    You had me at hello. I posted about Mr. Finch, too. His work is fantastic. Off to explore (and follow you!).

  5. The Jealous Curator /// 08.18.2010 /// 6:16pm

    thanks leigha : )

  6. barbara /// 08.20.2010 /// 5:18pm

    beautiful work!! I’d like one at home!

  7. The Jealous Curator /// 08.20.2010 /// 8:28pm

    me too!

  8. twozdai /// 08.26.2010 /// 9:31am

    wow, absolutely stunning, thanks for sharing. I agree, this would have be a beautiful moment to be in.