i’m jealous of matthew northridge

Ok, I need a magnifying glass… ooh, or better yet, I need to get myself to a show featuring the work of Brooklyn based artist Matthew Northridge. He carefully cuts, and then relocates, architecture from aerial photographs, onto blank pieces of 11″x14″  paper in order to create these beautiful landscape-free landscapes. Very tiny, and oh so brilliant.

{The images above : 1) Arctic Settlement, North West Territories  2) Potato Farm, Maine  3) Ice Houses, Lake Champlain  4) Lakeside Town, Maine}

{Thanks Megan… you’re up tomorrow!}

comments (3)

  1. Megan Charland /// 08.23.2010 /// 6:42am

    I have been known to be jealous at times as well 😉 Excited for tomorrow!! Thanks!!

  2. Color Collective /// 08.23.2010 /// 7:27am

    whoa!! how neat!

  3. Jargonhead /// 08.26.2010 /// 7:09am

    These works are so gorgeous and minimal.

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