i’m jealous of megan charland

Hm. This is the exact opposite of yesterday’s post… well, either way, American artist Megan Charland has found the way to my heart. A little fresh cut grass, perfect blue skies, and a bunch of suburban houses… well, a bunch of holes where suburban houses used to be. Here is her description of this recent series titled, Land (ab)Use:

“Native grasses form the backdrop or canvas to my work. By literally cutting away from the landscape I create a void in composition which questions the very issue of land use. These pseudo silhouettes formed act as both an avoidance of the subject while also interrupting the overall viewing experience. The viewer is then forced to leave the work experiencing a sense of loss and discontent.”

comments (3)

  1. Color Collective /// 08.24.2010 /// 7:49am


  2. The Art Cupboard /// 08.24.2010 /// 10:16pm

    this is fantastically simplistic! my tendency is to over do things, i would very much like to be able to be more simplistic

  3. The Jealous Curator /// 08.25.2010 /// 6:15am

    me too… me too.

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