i’m jealous of WAFA… again

WAFA, aka We Are Fucking Awesome, aren’t joking. They really are. I’ve written about the founder, I’ve written about them as a collective, and I’ve written about several individual members {Jesse, Anthony, Brandi}. Hmm, some might say I’m becoming a bit of a WAFA groupie {I wonder if they have tshirts?!}… anywho, onto today’s fucking awesome collaboration. This project, titled Anthology, is a National Geographic magazine split up by two members of WAFA… one worked on the first half, the other worked on the second half. I want to be this awesome. Dad, do you still have that box of National Geographics in the basement? I may need them.

{I’m not sure which two artists actually worked on this piece. If you know, let me know… I need it for my fan scrapbook research purposes. Thank you.}

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  1. Jacque /// 09.20.2010 /// 8:01am

    awesome indeed