i’m jealous of lillianna pereira… again

I wrote about American artist Lillianna Pereira last spring, but somehow, in all of the excitement of having a new artist crush, I must have missed these little gems! Or perhaps I blocked them out. You see, I tried using embroidery rings as an art surface during my undergrad. It did not go well. Really, really not well… but clearly they didn’t cause any trouble for Lillianna! Hmm, maybe if I had one of these lovely pieces hanging on my wall, I could move on? Yes, I definitely think that would help {hint, hint}.

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  1. Casey /// 09.24.2010 /// 7:08am

    Where did you find these embroidered rings? I’m totally inspired by her work (and completely disappointed I missed her show at the Elephant Room in Chicago last spring! so close!) .. but as I hunt around her flickr and her website, I don’t see the embroidered rings.

    Thank you for including another amazing artist! 🙂

  2. The Jealous Curator /// 09.24.2010 /// 10:04am

    voila! (on the 2nd page of her “collage” flickr stream)… i missed them the first time through too, although i don’t know how?! : )


  3. Shirley /// 11.10.2010 /// 3:14pm

    These pieces are gorgeous! So wistful and beautiful and dreamy…

    Absolutely adore them.

  4. the jealous curator /// 11.10.2010 /// 9:09pm

    i know… aren’t they gorgeous!? {and, lucky girl that i am, i happen to have the first one in this post on my wall!}

  5. Goldy Safirstein /// 08.21.2012 /// 4:42am

    It seems as if every time I find something on Pinterest that I like it’s from your site. Thanks for maling my days a bit brighter!