i’m jealous of skylar fein… again

I wrote about American artist Skylar Fein, almost exactly one year ago… and it seems quite perfect, given the subject matter shown above, that I write about his fantastic work again today. Why you ask? Well, within a matter of minutes I’m leaving for the airport to catch a plane bound for Washington DC {where I will be hanging Ben Skinner’s show at the Honfleur Gallery!!!}. Ahh, nothing like a few Pop Art-esque American forefathers to help send a girl on her way to the nation’s capital!

comments (4)

  1. bliss /// 03.02.2011 /// 7:50am


  2. lookingfornicethings /// 03.02.2011 /// 3:52pm

    i am jealous of your blog. i heart it very much.

  3. the jealous curator /// 03.02.2011 /// 9:05pm

    oh so sweet! thanks a bunch : )

  4. amulya /// 03.03.2011 /// 12:41pm

    hi, just came across your blog.. love it:) totally jealous!

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