i’m jealous of khánh lê

Well, I’m back from Washington DC, and it was amazing {I’ll give you all of the details later this week}. I met so many wonderful people… including a fantastic Vietnamese-American artist named Khánh Lê. We started chatting at the opening night of Ben Skinner’s show. He was warm and funny, oh, and also an incredible artist! He was telling me about his work – collage pieces that combined photos from his own family albums and images from the Vietnam war, with beautiful glossy “American” interiors {that as a child he wished were his reality}, from magazines like GQ and Better Homes & Gardens. Oh boy. That sounded like something I just might love – so the second I was close to a computer, I googled him. Yep, I was right. LOVE!

{Khánh is currently part of the artist-in-residence program run by ARCH, and the Honfleur Gallery in Washington DC.}

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  1. Gabriel Gbox /// 03.07.2011 /// 10:21am

    I have an addiction for mixed media/collage type thingys and I am on a 12 step recovery program…this is not helping….LOVE IT.

  2. the jealous curator /// 03.07.2011 /// 2:42pm

    oh yeah – i think i saw you at one of the 12 step meetings… i was there too ; )