i’m jealous of ben skinner… and me!

Yes… so far this experience has been all of those things:  astounding, brilliant, amazing, incredible, fabulous… Washington DC is astounding, Ben is brilliant, the staff at the gallery are amazing, and we got to do an incredible interview yesterday. In short, it’s been fabulous!

The 65′ mural is done. The two storey high foam board scaffolding sculpture has been assembled. The site-specific work is in place throughout the neighborhood {ex. ‘every time you walk by’, shown above},  and there are just a few pieces left to hang at the gallery today… and then at 7pm the doors at Honfleur Gallery will open. I’ll be back with a full report {and photos of everything mentioned above!} on Monday morning – wish us luck! Oh, and if you happen to run into the Obama’s, let them know that they’re invited. Thanks!

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  1. Amy Kigman /// 03.04.2011 /// 7:46am

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. Alynne Grover /// 03.04.2011 /// 11:40am

    I have known Ben for along time – what a great mind with incredible artistic thinking! – Let it Flow Ben! Much Luck and Love!

  3. Jessica /// 03.04.2011 /// 2:11pm


  4. Cez /// 03.04.2011 /// 2:24pm

    Good luck to you guys!!!!

  5. amy w /// 03.04.2011 /// 8:23pm

    I’m newish to your blog, but love it & wish you both happy trails for your show

  6. Jojo /// 03.05.2011 /// 9:47am

    I don’t think I’ve slept in the last 72 hours. I am SO PUMPED about this. Where is my Bewitched Nose when I need it, to quickly zap me to DC?! 🙂 luv, the jealous writer

  7. the jealous curator /// 03.05.2011 /// 10:24am

    ha! i haven’t slept in the last 72 hours either!
    the show was amazing!!! thanks for your well wishes everyone! i’ll do a post next week once i get my feet back on the ground, and the images organized ; )

    while i do that, here’s a nice little video interview that I did with the Vancouver Sun just before I hopped on my flight: http://www.vancouversun.com/videos/index.html?v=1829508564

    (not so anonymous anymore i guess?!)

  8. Serena /// 03.06.2011 /// 9:26am

    Oh man! I’m so excited for this. I need to get up to see it ASAP. You guys are awesome!

  9. the jealous curator /// 03.06.2011 /// 10:26pm

    thanks serena! the show runs until april 8th… hope you can see it in person!

  10. SO Much Love: The Jealous Curator | Serial Optimist /// 03.10.2011 /// 1:16pm

    […] Vietnamese-American artist named Khánh Lê. We started chatting at the opening night of Ben Skinner’s show. He was warm and funny, oh, and also an incredible artist! He was telling me about his work – […]

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