i’m jealous of jansson stegner

Oh sure, I’ve heard of “cops and robbers”, but “cops and volleyball players” is completely new to me… and I like it! American artist Jansson Stegner has a gorgeous portfolio chock-full of both. Ok, that’s it… at the next summer BBQ, that’s what we’re playing! Who’s with me?

{via Booooooom}

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  1. Casey /// 03.17.2011 /// 8:51pm

    Hey JC,

    I’m writing about your blog and My Love For You (myloveforyou.typepad.com) for my senior art history capstone project at Columbia College Chicago. I’m discussing why you both act as positive models of new curatorial practice.

    Would you be able to answer some questions I have? They are purely for research and argument’s sake, because blogs are such a new form that there isn’t a lot being written in the scholarly journals about them!

    I’ve got the questions typed up. Let me know if you could take a few minutes to answer them. Thank you so much!

    Oh, and if you want I’ll send you the paper when it is complete!

  2. the jealous curator /// 03.18.2011 /// 6:37am

    sure casey! i’m honored : )
    send me an email at contact@thejealouscurator.com

  3. Matthew /// 03.21.2011 /// 11:06am

    I have been loving Jansson since his last show at Bellweather.
    Terrific meeting you during your DC jaunt. Send some of your work around when you get a chance.

  4. the jealous curator /// 03.21.2011 /// 8:21pm

    It was so nice to meet you too Matthew! Good luck with all of your amazing work (not that you need luck!)

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