i’m jealous of helen eady

Let’s see, how can I explain this? When a mommy lion and a daddy lion love each other very, very much… hm, ok, they might not love each other very very much, but there’s definitely some major chemistry going on there!  Well, regardless of how the lions feel about each other, I love this series, titled Animal Acts, by Vancouver based artist Helen Eady. So pretty, yet kinda dirty – in a totally natural, circle of life kind of way.

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  1. minouette /// 04.06.2011 /// 8:22am

    Nice (if surprising) illustrations!
    There’s a typo though: ‘his’ (perhaps for ‘this’?) which doesn’t fit for anyone named Helen.

  2. the jealous curator /// 04.06.2011 /// 1:18pm

    oops! thanks! : )

  3. beto cocenza /// 04.08.2011 /// 3:04am

    beloved mather nature

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