i’m jealous of jonna pedersen

Never in my life have I been more in the mood for coffee, fajitas, and marshmallows than I am at this very moment. Ok, normally I wouldn’t think that combo was a very good idea, but Danish artist Jonna Pedersen has me convinced otherwise. Fantastic color choices, and beautifully boring subject matter. Now that’s the kind of combo I really love!

{via Art Hound}

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  1. Rowan Moore-Seifred /// 04.07.2011 /// 7:48pm

    Finally a blog I can get behind. Delicious. I am sharing your jealousy.

  2. the jealous curator /// 04.07.2011 /// 8:31pm

    ha! thanks rowan… welcome to my world ; )

  3. kristina /// 04.11.2011 /// 10:49pm

    She’s really cool….and Danish ;o)

  4. the jealous curator /// 04.12.2011 /// 6:50am

    oops – thank you!

  5. Jonna Pedersen /// 04.21.2011 /// 10:56pm

    Jealousy can be a good thing 😉 Thank you all, guys!!!