i’m jealous of catherine ulitsky

I loved these pieces, by American artist Catherine Ulitsky, when I thought they were just geometric gouache paintings on photographic skies… and then I looked a little closer and realized that the tiny black dots connecting all of the candy-hued lines were huge flocks of starlings in flight. Now I really love them.

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  1. katie /// 04.21.2011 /// 10:40am

    have you seen ian seniff’s work? he’s not a “big deal,” but i am frequently jealous of him.


    if you have the time, thanks!

  2. lizzie /// 04.21.2011 /// 12:20pm

    OH MAN. i thought the same thing. love, but just drawings on photos…but that detail is really insane.

  3. Paula /// 04.21.2011 /// 2:18pm

    They are lovely images… the geometric structure reminds me of this artist’s work:


    I only came across Amy Watson’s stuff recently – and I am very jealous! 🙂

  4. Lili /// 04.21.2011 /// 3:14pm

    The mix of natural and geometric/mathematical shapes is what makes these pieces so amazing. Love it!

  5. patience /// 04.21.2011 /// 9:09pm

    these are surprisingly relaxing to look at – even with the neon colours. just what i needed today!

  6. Cindy /// 04.22.2011 /// 6:02pm


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  8. Shannon /// 04.28.2011 /// 5:34pm

    These are so brilliant. I wish she sold print!

  9. Lisa /// 12.05.2011 /// 6:28pm

    check this girl out: she uses embroidery…

  10. the jealous curator /// 12.05.2011 /// 6:58pm

    yep. love it. thanks lisa!

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