i was jealous at catalog gallery

Aaaannnnd, exhale. The gorgeous work of New York photographer Mikael Kennedy is now hanging on the pristine white walls of Catalog Gallery, and will be there until July 17th. “Pieces of the Moon” opened last Thursday in Vancouver… and I loved every single minute of it! The work looked amazing {obviously!}, the place was packed with fabulous people, and on top of that we got the very talented Jonathan Dy to document the whole thing with his stunning black and white photography. Maybe I should change my name to, The Lucky Curator! Thanks so much to everyone who was involved in putting this show together {Peter Hay Halpert in New York, Robert Squire of Catalog, Paul Burger of Cargoh who introduced me to the guys at Catalog, and of course, Mikael Kennedy for trusting me to do this on the other side of the continent. xo}

ps. That’s me in the bottom photo, which by the way, I am totally framing!

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  1. Brian /// 07.05.2011 /// 9:05am

    It looks amazing! I wish I could see it in person. Congratulations!

  2. theGK /// 07.05.2011 /// 12:23pm

    A beautiful show in a great space!

  3. the jealous curator /// 07.05.2011 /// 4:21pm

    it really is! nothing like a laser-level to hang a perfect show! ; )

  4. fiona /// 07.05.2011 /// 9:31pm

    i was at the catalog to see aaron moran’s show… now i need to head back down there to check this show out! thanks for sharing!

  5. the jealous curator /// 07.05.2011 /// 9:53pm

    thanks fiona! yes, please stop by… it’s up until july 17th : )

  6. Ashley /// 07.07.2011 /// 1:18pm

    The opening was fantastic and fun! It was wonderful to meet you and so inspiring to see Mikael’s work in person.

  7. the jealous curator /// 07.07.2011 /// 1:26pm

    thank you so much for coming ashley! : )

  8. S. Carmody /// 07.10.2011 /// 8:40am

    Wow, it’s finally up. That is so exciting. Great job!

  9. the jealous curator /// 07.10.2011 /// 9:31am

    thank you : )

  10. Marsha Balian /// 11.23.2011 /// 10:37am

    You have totally changed the connotation of jealousy from something shameful and hidden, to something open and appropriate.
    Bravo and thanks
    Your blog is wonderful!

  11. the jealous curator /// 11.23.2011 /// 10:45am

    wow. thank you so much marsha. really.

  12. Gina Caspi /// 02.17.2013 /// 8:39am

    I am a professor in the school of Art and Design at Pratt Institute, in NY.
    I’m also a sculptor. I think your magazine is incredibly creative and would love to keep up! Will I get emails?

    Sincerely, Gina Caspi

  13. the jealous curator /// 02.17.2013 /// 9:48am

    hi gina
    i don’t send out emails, but i do post every day… pop back any time! : )

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