i’m jealous of amy greenan

Oh, houses. I love houses. I haven’t written about any in quite some time {shocking, I know}, but when I saw this lovely, and lonely, work by American artist Amy Greenan, well, I couldn’t control myself. I love Amy’s explanation of her paintings of abandoned homes, so instead of retelling the story, I’ll let her do it:

Having grown up in what was an abandoned house when my parents purchased it, I find an irresistible affinity to these lost architectural souls. I realized, too, that the similarities between these houses and the human body and experience cannot be ignored. These places have a history in the same way we do. Memories are attached; they crumble in the same way the human body eventually does. They evoke all sorts of emotions and thoughts in me. When I paint each one, I can’t help but sense that I am bringing it a bit of its life back.

{via Art Hound}

comments (4)

  1. {gemmifer} /// 07.07.2011 /// 4:56pm

    Amy’s work is fantastic! She was a classmate in college; so nice to see her featured here!

  2. Saraelynch /// 07.07.2011 /// 5:47pm

    Excellent work. It reminds me of where I live but somehow her work is nicer.

  3. Mark /// 07.10.2011 /// 5:30pm

    Nice, simply nice! Well done!

  4. theGK /// 07.10.2011 /// 10:53pm

    I especially love the last one — that sky is gorgeous

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