i’m jealous of stephanie vovas

Ok, I am seriously considering buying a plane ticket to LA for the sole purpose of getting my picture taken by the amazingly talented Stephanie Vovas… granted, I’m pretty sure that I couldn’t pull off the vintage vixen look, but I sure would try my hardest {pout, hair tossel, repeat…} Her entire portfolio is filled with fabulous shot after fabulous shot, and if you’re in LA, or have already bought your plane ticket, she’ll be having a solo show this November at Edgar Varela Fine Arts.

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  1. victoria /// 07.21.2011 /// 1:38pm

    love them!! 🙂

    you gotta do the vixen look. just pout!!!

  2. the jealous curator /// 07.21.2011 /// 6:57pm

    i’m pouting right now! hm, and maybe a set of false eyelashes too… and then i’m on my way! ; )

  3. Joanna Darby /// 07.22.2011 /// 2:52am

    I’ve just discovered the jealous curator. love. catching up on posts. thanks for a great blog. GREAT blog. damn, I wish I thought of this blog.

  4. the jealous curator /// 07.22.2011 /// 6:48am

    ha! thanks joanna : )

  5. theGK /// 07.27.2011 /// 3:13pm

    these. are. amazing!