i’m jealous of gabriella barouch

Oh, that lovely pine cone. My mother is an artist, and I clearly remember her teaching me how to draw a pine cone. She said hold it upside down, and then draw it as a series of shapes instead. So I did… but it did not look like this. Clearly Israeli artist/illustrator Gabriella Barouch has a few of her own tricks for creating gorgeous pine cones… and birds, and folded hands, and deer-headed ladies!

comments (2)

  1. Lady Orlando /// 07.22.2011 /// 9:04am

    I must say I’m jealous of her work too. It’s so captivating and beautiful, not to mention dream-like softness.

    Her work is a great source of inspiration.

  2. anant kulkarni /// 02.11.2016 /// 10:30pm

    amazing …marvellous drawings

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