i’m jealous of lisa solomon… again

I wrote about San Francisco based artist Lisa Solomon and her domestic scenes series in 2009. That series was all about beds and chairs… and I happen to love both as subject matter! Well, it turns out that I also have a thing for “toxins”, “viruses” and internal organs of the “body”… created, of course, with delicate, embroidered doilies. The body series is meant to “represent the 4 things you need to make art: your lungs, heart, brain, and guts.” Love, love, love that! And, her intention with the toxin and virus work is “to turn something ugly and horrible into something beautiful.” Umm… Check! 

ps. Here’s what she used to create these pieces… and yes, I’m jealous of this list: acrylic, ink, colored pencil, graphite, felt, glasshead pins, embroidery on duralar.

comments (5)

  1. Jennifer /// 09.29.2011 /// 2:35pm

    What a stunning mix of media. I love that she was able to turn “ick” into elegance.

  2. Amanda /// 09.29.2011 /// 3:54pm

    I love these! Really great use of tradition methods with non-traditional subject matter. I love the domestic scenes series too.

  3. Carmen /// 09.29.2011 /// 7:52pm

    Yep! Love these too!! I just can’t stop lovin’ the embroidery work you find. Still trying to recover from my jealousy of Takashi Iwasaki…

  4. the jealous curator /// 09.29.2011 /// 10:53pm

    Yeah, I’ve been a little embroidery crazy lately… I found another one, but I’ve put it in my drafts folder for now (not sure how long I can control myself though!)

  5. Jesse Lu /// 10.01.2011 /// 4:17pm

    Everyone should be jealous of Lisa. 😉 She’s as awesome as her artwork.