i’m jealous of joseph egan & hunter thomson

Ok, so do you remember when I wrote about the work of Felice Varini? If you do, then these installations might look somewhat familiar. They were done by Joseph Egan and Hunter Thomson, students at the Chelsea College of Art & Design. They wanted to create a body of work that explored a “possible relationship between graphic design and architecture”, and while doing so they “discovered the process of anamorphosis as used by the fine artist Felice Varini.” Well, I think it’s safe to say that they did, in fact, nail this assignment… A+!

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  1. Kathleen /// 10.01.2011 /// 4:55am

    My favorite (aside from my blown mind) is that I feel like the red wire / cord in images 1 & 4 feel like part of the design.

  2. the jealous curator /// 10.01.2011 /// 3:31pm

    i noticed that too! maybe that’s how they chose the color for the text?

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  4. Seppe Slabbinck /// 02.11.2013 /// 6:02am

    Amazing. Bit like Georges Rousse. Like very much!