i’m jealous of elsa mora

Whoa. I want an entire table top covered in these gorgeous little ceramic pieces by Cuban, now LA based, artist Elsa Mora. She is best known for her paper-cutting work {which is amazing}, but I absolutely fell in love with these strange, delicate bits and pieces of porcelain. They feel very medical to me… in a totally organic, nature-inspired, biology class kind of way!

ps. those feet! i love those feet!

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  1. Diana /// 11.23.2011 /// 11:36am

    I can see the connexion between her paper work and this one, both are complex and full of tiny little details that create an intimate bond between the art and the viewer, but I definitely like these ceramic pieces more…
    No wonder why you fell in love with them! They are adorable.

  2. rObfOs /// 11.23.2011 /// 2:18pm

    There is a delicate feminine quality which harks to Victorian oceanic for me. I totally get why you are jealous of this artist with her intimate detail!

  3. the jealous curator /// 11.23.2011 /// 11:22pm

    sigh. yes… such lovely detail!

  4. Lori /// 11.29.2011 /// 3:32pm

    She can do anything and she seems like the nicest person in the world. Every time I read her blog I feel better no matter how bad I felt.

  5. Christine /// 12.16.2011 /// 10:28am

    Isn’t she amazing! What can’t she do is the question? *She inspires me*