i’m jealous of ‘remake’

Any post that starts and ends with a tribute to Frida Kahlo, has to be a good one!

I’m sure you all know about this fantastic project, appropriately titled Remake, but just in case you haven’t heard of it… well, I just had to show you! Inspired by a similar contest running in the UK, Jeff Hamada of Booooooom.com put out a call for people to remake classic works of art using photography only {oh, and no post-shot photoshopping tricks allowed!}. Van Gogh, Magritte, Lichtenstein, and countless others all make an appearance… several times! There were an insane amount of creative submissions – these were just a few of my favorites.

{1.“Self portrait dedicated to Dr. Eloesser” remake by Yesenia Caloca, original by Frida Kahlo   2. “Girl with Ice Cream Cone” remake by Stephanie Gonot, original by Wayne Thiebaud  3. “La bonne foi” remake by Noemi Mazzucchelli, original by Magritte  4. “Ohhh…Alright…” remake by Emily Kiel, original by Roy Lichtenstein  5. “Self Portrait 1889″ remake by Seth Johnson, original by Vincent van Gogh  6. “Portrait of Frida Kahlo” remake by Danilo Ursini, original by Frida Kahlo}

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  1. Ninotchka /// 11.24.2011 /// 7:41am

    FANTASTIC! Adore the last one. 🙂

  2. the jealous curator /// 11.24.2011 /// 7:58am

    me too! …and that van Gogh guy must have been just waiting for this contest (he has the perfect “vincent” look!)

  3. Recylcling | /// 12.01.2011 /// 11:14pm

    […] Remake (via the jealous curator): […]

  4. Nur Moo /// 12.13.2011 /// 6:44am


  5. Carl /// 02.15.2013 /// 1:09am

    I really like this site but I actually think these are lame and unimaginative. If you are going to remake them then at least have enough respect and skill to get them 100% accurate, for example Frida Kahlo isnt even looking in the correct direction.

  6. the jealous curator /// 02.15.2013 /// 9:21am

    did you submit a piece? i’d love to see it!