i’m jealous of alex mcleod

Oh my. Do you think it would be possible for me to move into one of these stunning, imaginary worlds by Canadian artist Alex McLeod? Yes!? Oh good… me too! I hope you all have a candy-colored, shiny, puffy-cloud kind of weekend ~ I’ll be in that little cabin in the first image in case anyone needs me ~ see you on Monday!

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  1. Ben /// 11.30.2011 /// 11:45pm

    I love this work too, but was a little disappointed and a lot amazed to find out they are not real created spaces. They are made with 3D rendering software. Still very beautiful and impressive.

  2. the jealous curator /// 12.01.2011 /// 7:21am

    i know… me too. although, there are a few that i’m not sure about. what about this one: http://www.alxclub.com/art/#2011/08/garden_sculpture.jpg
    maybe i just really, really want them to be real spaces! so crazy/magical!