i’m jealous of matthias merkel hess

I would probably spend a lot more time in my laundry room if I had a basket like this! It’s ceramic. All of these lovely objects are ceramic, and all of them are part of the current show at LA’s ACME Gallery. American artist Matthias Merkel Hess has titled this show, Bucketry, and it is full of amazing ceramic pieces inspired by every day containers. Ok, sure, it would much harder to carry a ceramic laundry basket around the house, but I think it’s worth a try… DON’T DROP IT THOUGH!!!

{Bucketry runs until December 21st. Thanks to Junkculture for finding this work!}

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  1. Amanda /// 12.14.2011 /// 6:44am

    I love art that pushes the limits of what people think is “art.” Everyday is a creative, beautiful, artistic adventure and it’s great to see someone inspired by what others see a everyday-mundane.

  2. Azi /// 12.14.2011 /// 9:38am

    Love this!

  3. Mark /// 12.15.2011 /// 11:44am

    Pure punk! of course I love these.

  4. Jenny /// 12.17.2011 /// 9:54am

    Wow, these are amazing. I especially love the gas cans.

  5. CarolinaEclectic /// 12.19.2011 /// 6:39pm

    These are so awesome!!

  6. Ben /// 12.25.2011 /// 2:17pm

    Beautiful stuff… and you should see his stand-mixers! This artist has a really unique perspective — whimsical, fun, but also something to say.

  7. Anna /// 01.05.2012 /// 4:36am

    Oh. I really like it!