i’m jealous of zadok ben david

Wait… what are we looking at here? Yes, it’s a metal garden, by London based artist¬†Zadok Ben David,¬†made up of 12,000 cut steel flowers & plants. The vintage, text-book looking botanical specimens are black, hence the title Blackfield, but hold on a second… if you walk around to the other side of this lovely ‘field’… YES, the opposite side of this breath-taking installation is painted in stunning color! Gorgeous.

{via Colossal – check out the 360 degree view video of the installation posted on Colossal – amazing!}

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  1. Maria /// 01.05.2012 /// 10:44am

    Wow, stunning!

  2. Diana /// 01.05.2012 /// 10:51am

    It took me a while to decide if I was looking to a photo, an ink drawing, an I-don’t-know-what.

    So beautiful! I’m in love.

  3. Hogger & Co. /// 01.05.2012 /// 2:58pm

    WTH. That’s so gorgeous.

  4. Sara /// 01.06.2012 /// 7:00am

    So Jealous! I think this is a personal favorite, speaks to me in so many ways. thanks.

  5. Morgan P. /// 01.06.2012 /// 9:57am

    wow!!!! thanks for sharing

  6. RachelD /// 01.12.2012 /// 7:03pm

    So beautiful!

  7. mela.art /// 01.15.2017 /// 6:23pm

    Beyond this World!!! I will be there for hours staring at each flower and going back and forth to feel the whole. Installations like these expand my mind and inflate my heart. : )

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