i’m still jealous of aris moore

Oh, Aris Moore. I love her work so, so much. I wrote about her in 2009, in 2010, and now in early 2012. She is currently working on her MFA and it’s amazing to go through her blog and actually see the evolution of her work! Apparently, according to said blog, she is playing around with the idea of making a little book out of the series shown here… YES! DO IT ARIS!!!

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  1. Tricia /// 01.04.2012 /// 9:03am

    Those are creepy!

  2. the jealous curator /// 01.04.2012 /// 9:20am

    yep, definitely slightly disturbing… but i like it!

  3. Maria /// 01.04.2012 /// 9:20am

    Love these! Simple expressions say so much.

  4. Ya La'ford /// 01.04.2012 /// 2:57pm

    Thanks for taking the time to write about Aris, I love her work. Have you seen them in person? The handling is simply amazing. Well thanks again.


  5. the jealous curator /// 01.04.2012 /// 3:33pm

    yes! i have (and love!) one of her block paintings… here it is actually

  6. Aris /// 01.04.2012 /// 5:03pm

    Thank you JC. I so appreciate all of your support over the years, your daily posts and your work which is alas! no longer in hiding!!!!

  7. the jealous curator /// 01.04.2012 /// 7:14pm

    of course! i love your work so much, and have loved watching it evolve! xo

  8. Chelsea /// 01.04.2012 /// 11:58pm

    Her work is at once monstrous and beautiful- I love it! Thanks for the introduction.

  9. jack /// 01.08.2012 /// 9:22am

    Love the work and love your site. A friend turned me on to it. Very cool.

  10. the jealous curator /// 01.12.2012 /// 2:08pm

    Thank you so much Jack!
    ps. your gallery roster is FANTASTIC (lots to be jealous of!)

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