i’m jealous of ashlie chavez

Any post that starts with a T-Rex and finishes with a ‘cake’ is a-okay in my book! These fantastic collages are the work of LA based artist Ashlie Chavez. Unfortunately, that’s the only information I’ve got. I’d love to know the stories behind these very detailed, beautifully composed pieces, but for now, we’ll just have to let our imaginations run wild… much like that wild, child-eating dinosaur.

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  1. Hagar /// 01.17.2012 /// 8:40am

    I had a “wow” moment as I saw this post…beautiful! especially the landscape…

  2. the jealous curator /// 01.17.2012 /// 10:52am

    agreed. so much detail, yet so simple/beautiful.

  3. Leaves you wanting more /// 01.18.2012 /// 1:58am

    These are amazing!! Thank for being jelous and posting them 🙂 Love the ones with the dinosaur eating happy children. That’s hilarious and rather nicelooking in a a great and odd combination.

    With love from

  4. Olympic 2012 apartments /// 01.18.2012 /// 2:10am

    Absolutely creative I love the T -rex idea, looks brilliant.

  5. Becky! /// 01.20.2012 /// 1:00am

    that top one is AWESOME. I just commented on another post, so I didn’t want to again in fear that I would appear to be OBSESSED with your site…but this one is too good to pass up. 10 high fives.

  6. the jealous curator /// 01.20.2012 /// 6:31am

    10 high fives coming back atcha! and hey, comment away! i love comments!!! ; )

  7. Avery /// 01.27.2012 /// 12:22pm

    I LOVE THIS!!!! so cool!

  8. ashlie chavez /// 02.27.2012 /// 5:01pm

    thankyou for the admiration and kind words towards my work.

    my website is being redone and relaunched this weekend and much new work will be up.


  9. allie kelley /// 10.09.2012 /// 5:50am

    very very fun! im jealous.

  10. Allie Duthie /// 10.14.2012 /// 10:19am

    These are brilliant, who doesn’t love a good dinosaur!
    Great blog!


  11. Sunita /// 06.03.2013 /// 3:14pm

    Wow. This is one awesome art print. I’m glad I bought it. 🙂

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