I’m about to get on a plane to Salt Lake City, because I’m lucky enough to be speaking at Alt Summit tomorrow! While I’m there I’ll be making a little announcement… but I wanted you to know about it first! I’m kicking off a new project in 2012. What is it? Well, it’s called…

Ta-dah! Yep, that’s what’s happening, and here’s why:

The idea for these workshops came out of a couple of things. First, I wrote a post last year called jealous & alone, and the response was unbelievable! I wanted to jump right out of the blog world and actually meet everyone that commented, and keep the honest/inspiring conversation going. Second, I started a series on called ‘girl crush’, which is all about celebrating amazing women artists. In one of those posts, I made a joke about hosting a girl crush tea party with American artist Alyson Fox – and then a whole bunch of people emailed me saying that they would love to attend a girl crush tea party… so we’re doing it! In fact, I’ve got the table set for four of them in 2012! Listen to the amazing women artists who will be our hosts… Lisa Congdon in San Francisco this March; Samantha French in New York this April; Lisa Golightly {aka Kiki & Polly} in Portland this June; and of course, Alyson Fox in Austin this September. Yep, one day workshops filled with inspiration, art, fancy sandwiches, and pretty cakes… in the real world! For more information {details, how to register, etc} check out my girl crush page {which is also in the right hand nav} or head straight to my shop to sign up. I’m so excited about this little adventure, and I hope you’ll be part of it! Ok, now I have to get myself to the airport! Bye bye… I’ll be back with new posts on Monday {but on twitter, reporting from Alt, from now til then!}

~ danielle xo

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  1. Tricia /// 01.18.2012 /// 10:10am

    OMG! I am so jealous of YOU! You have an amazing year ahead! Way to go!

    Have fun and good luck at Alt Summit tomorrow. Say “hi” to Dooce if you see her!


  2. Christina /// 01.18.2012 /// 10:22am

    I LOVE this! I’m so excited to read more. Bravo!

  3. Lesley /// 01.18.2012 /// 11:05am

    What a fun idea! I have no idea where we’ll be in March or June, but there is definitely a chance we could be near Portland or San Fran. Would absolutely love to attend if I can!

  4. the jealous curator /// 01.18.2012 /// 11:45am

    Oh, that would be amazing! Hope you can make it to one of them!

  5. Hagar /// 01.18.2012 /// 11:46am

    Wow! It is an exciting and wonderful idea and I’m sure it is going to be lots of fun.
    but, my only problem is off course with the location…;-)

  6. the jealous curator /// 01.18.2012 /// 11:48am

    Well you never know… I have lots of girl crushes in your part of the world too! The whole idea with this, is that I come to you guys… so if enough people are interested, well then, I’m on my way ; )

  7. Daughter Earth /// 01.18.2012 /// 3:13pm

    This sounds awesome! I definitely want in on the San Fran one!
    Hope to meet you at alt summit!

  8. rObfOs /// 01.18.2012 /// 3:56pm

    I am SOOOOOOOO jealous – if I didn’t live right on the other side of the globe I’d definitely be hopping aboard this groovy train!!!

  9. Carmen /// 01.18.2012 /// 4:07pm

    Yes. I am jealous of all of the people who live in these great cities that get to meet these amazing people!! I am in Seattle…and I could get to Portland….
    What is the date for Lisa Golightly??

  10. Juli /// 01.18.2012 /// 9:30pm

    Love love love this idea!! You mean I get to dust off the inner creative and hang out with super awesome chicks too? Sign. Me. Up.

  11. Heather /// 01.19.2012 /// 4:56am

    How amazing!!!! I can already think of some fellow artist in Baltimore that I would love to meet and what an amazing way!!! How can we make it happen?

  12. Morgan P. /// 01.19.2012 /// 7:25am

    so cool! love it 🙂

  13. Tiffanie /// 01.19.2012 /// 7:49am

    I am so excited about the chance to do this here in San Francisco! Interesting that the subject is being “blocked”. I’ve exorcized those demons (and blogged about it!) in the past few years, but still would love to hear what others are doing.

    I hope the spots don’t run out before I get a chance to talk this over with the man of the house tonight. Excited!

  14. Julie /// 01.19.2012 /// 8:39am

    This is SUCH a great idea. I am always looking for more people to be creative with. LA on the horizon?

  15. Hagar /// 01.19.2012 /// 11:14am

    Mmmm..something to think about…:-)
    Lot of fun and success in the alt!

  16. patricia /// 01.19.2012 /// 11:15am

    I’ve been a huge fan and visitor to your site for some time now. This ‘girl crush’ series is EXACTLY what I’ve been needing for some time and after reading this post and then visiting the SF description, instantly signed up for the event!!!!
    Thank you so much for this BRILLIANT series, I hope you’re able to set them up all over the globe.
    I have a huge grin of anticipation for the upcoming SF art workshop and tea party. Thank you again!

  17. the jealous curator /// 01.20.2012 /// 12:36pm

    yay! i’m so happy patricia! and yes, i do hope that i can set these up all over the globe. see you soon! : )

  18. Laura /// 01.20.2012 /// 5:33pm

    What a wonderful idea!! I do hope you make it up to Seattle, if so I would love to be involved! Otherwise I hope to make it down to the Portland one, I absolutely LOVE getting to meet and connect with fellow female artists!

  19. Daughter Earth /// 01.22.2012 /// 7:18am

    I’m bummed I didn’t get a chance to meet you at Alt this weekend. I signed up for the San Fran tea party! Really exciting!

    I loved what you said at Alt about taking a picture all together and having people looking back, like we do of photos of Matisse and Van Gogh and all them! I love that! I always think about that! And I’ve been searching for that group! Matisse and Bonnard used to send each other letters discussing their art. Can you imagine if all these dudes had twitter & facebook? I wonder if they would have gotten as much done!

  20. the jealous curator /// 01.22.2012 /// 9:43am

    ha! that’s hilarious… probably not! ; )
    why didn’t you come up and say hello after the talk?! oh well, we’ll meet in san francisco!! YAY!!!

  21. Daughter Earth /// 01.22.2012 /// 7:37pm

    I was going to come and say hi, but you were all very popular 🙂 so I got intimidated!

  22. the jealous curator /// 01.22.2012 /// 7:41pm

    really!? well, san francisco will be much less intimidating… only14 of us in total (plus tea & cake!)

  23. Esti /// 01.23.2012 /// 1:49pm

    Oh that is a fun idea! It’s too bad that I live too far away…

  24. The Zhush /// 01.24.2012 /// 5:00am

    GASP! Samantha French, IN nyc? I might just forgive myself for missing Alt if I sign up…seriously considering, wow. 🙂

  25. the jealous curator /// 01.24.2012 /// 7:51am

    come! it’s going to be so much fun!

  26. Jessica /// 01.30.2012 /// 3:13pm

    I LOVE this idea! I’m absolutely dying to make it to the one in Portland with Lisa in June. She is one of my all-time favorite artists, and YOU are my all-time favorite blogger:) I also love how this not only revolves around building each other up as artists, but also the “tea party” aspect with good food and conversation. I keep checking back to make sure it doesn’t sell out before I can scrounge up the cash. I would hate to miss this really wonderful opportunity. Thanks for putting these together – yet another reason you’re my favorite! Hope to meet you and Lisa in June…. xo

  27. the jealous curator /// 01.30.2012 /// 3:19pm

    oh, jesscia! i would love to meet you in person! hope you can come : )
    i think what i’m most excited about is “after” the tea party. i hope that the little group that comes together at the workshop, can end up being a local support network for eachother (that’s my ultimate dream for this little project!)

  28. Jessica /// 01.31.2012 /// 8:35am

    My sentiments exactly! I’ll do what I can to be a part of your dream 🙂

  29. The Jealous Curator | A Zealous Enterprise /// 03.27.2012 /// 1:41am

    […] Yes, actually… I’ve just launched a series of one-day workshops all across the USA.  They’re called ‘Girl Crush – Art Workshop + Tea Party’. It’s hosted at the art studio of a working female artist. We talk artist blocks, and finding inspiration, followed by a tea party style lunch, and then an afternoon of making art/artsy field trips. The first one is on March 10th in San Francisco at Lisa Congdon’s studio. It’s going to be fantastic! {Here’s where this idea came from >> } […]

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