i’m still jealous of eric cator

I’ve just started an exciting new collaboration {that I’ll tell you about very soon!}, and it has required me to dig through all of my old posts. It felt like flipping through an old year book – full of really good looking friends! Enter the work of Canadian artist Eric Cator. I wrote about his paintings a loooooong time ago, so it is definitely time to show more of his fantastic work. Aah, the compositions, the color choices, that lonely police officer… yep, this work should be voted “Most likely to make me jealous!”

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  1. Heather /// 02.15.2012 /// 9:47am

    I love compositions! The vastness of space versus the lone subject is lovely.

  2. Jessica @ Artwork Network /// 02.15.2012 /// 10:16am

    I agree – what a fantastic usage of the negative space. Love the boom-mike over the fire hydrant. Although after looking at his website, I think I may like his “roof top and power lines” series from 2006 best of all. What did you think of those?

  3. Maggie /// 02.19.2012 /// 11:39pm

    I think you’d enjoy the work of Australian painter Jeffrey Smart. Cator’s subject is reminiscent of Smart’s work but, his use of light is understated compared to the harsness of the Australian sun.

  4. Liz /// 02.20.2012 /// 4:56pm

    I went to explore eric’s work and I can’t find anything more recent than 2010. Even on Twitter there’s nothing since 2011. Do you know what’s up?

  5. the jealous curator /// 02.20.2012 /// 5:06pm

    i know that he had decided to take things off line for a while so that he could focus on his work… hopefully that’s what he’s doing and he’ll be back with lots of new stuff soon… ?

  6. Eric /// 04.27.2012 /// 3:33am

    Thank you everyone for the very kind words, and to Liz, I apologize for neglecting my website (and twitter account) for so long. I have a major website overhaul in the works, and I promise to have new work online soon (I figure making that promise here will force me to speed up the process a bit)

    Also, I am officially jealous of the Girl Crush Art Workshop and Tea Party project. Very cool.