i’m jealous of peter madden

Yep. I know… I want to get my scissors out too! How can you not want to go image hunting when you come across the amazing, hand-cut work of Auckland based artist Peter Madden. I have to say, I don’t think I’ve ever written “collage” and “sculpture” in the same post, but today, my friends, is that day… and I am jealous. Yowza.

{The┬áFehily Contemporary, in Melbourne, has an upcoming solo exhibition of Peter’s work – oh, how I would love to see those chairs being carried away by birds in person!}

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  1. Sandra /// 03.19.2012 /// 8:26am

    These are wonderful! I sooo wish that I could see them in person. For whatever reason (not that there has to be a reason!), I am attracted to the 3d of sculpture and the mixed media of collage. Putting the two together – wow, wow, wow…

  2. Marija /// 03.19.2012 /// 10:39am

    Wow funny to see my tutor on here! Great stuff

  3. winnie /// 03.19.2012 /// 7:12pm

    peter madden is amazing ­čÖé watched him create the bird work in 2010 ­čśÇ he’s such an inspired guy

  4. tiffanie /// 03.21.2012 /// 9:24am

    These are insane. I love work that is labor intensive like this. I don’t even truly understand what’s going on in the third piece. These are two-dimensional, or are they three? Wow!

  5. theGW /// 03.22.2012 /// 8:57pm

    these are mind-blowing! beautiful work

  6. Paula /// 03.27.2012 /// 7:08am

    Such creative work! The second piece reminded me a little of Vik Muniz (http://isuarts.files.wordpress.com/2009/09/monads_toy-soldier.jpg)
    Too bad we can’t all go to Melbourne…

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  9. Kristiina /// 08.06.2012 /// 1:45am

    So so so so cool!!

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