money. let’s talk about it, girls.

I love this work by Hanna von Goeler, and it just so happens to be a perfect intro into this bit of news I have for you.

So, as most of you know {I hope!} the Girl Crush workshops + tea parties are underway! San Fransisco¬†{with Lisa Congdon} happened last Saturday, Seattle {with Tif Fussell} in May is almost full… but the rest only have two or three sign-ups. I did a little survey and realized that $275 was just too much money for most people in this economy. In San Francisco I used almost all of the money to put the event together {there was a little bit left over, and since I never intended these workshops as a way for me to make money, I am donating it to Southern Exposure, an arts center in San Fransisco that supports emerging artists.} Most of the money went into the tea party part of the event {which was amazingly delicious!!}, but after talking with all of the women that attended, the most important part of the day was actually meeting each other, hearing Lisa Congdon’s story/experiences, and breaking through a bunch of our insecurities/artist blocks. And so, I’m going to lower the price in all of the cities. YAY! My plan was to make them the same price in every city {seems fair, right?}, but the price will be determined by the sponsors we are able to get in each city. I didn’t go the sponsorhip route in San Francisco, but should have. I’m going to work more closely with the host artist/venue to see what we can do about having a lovely tea party {it still has to be fancy – pizza and plastic cups just won’t cut it I’m afraid!}, at a lower cost to you.

Here’s the thing {heart currently on sleeve}, I just really want these workshops to happen. San Fransisco was amazing! All of us got so much out of it, including a whole bunch of new friends/creative cheerleaders… who doesn’t need a few more of those in their life, right? Right!

Anyway, thank you for listening… I hate talking about money! As I work with each city, I’ll let you know what the prices have been changed to, and exactly what you’ll be getting at each workshop. Stay tuned! xo

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  1. jac & margie /// 03.16.2012 /// 4:12pm

    thanks for talking about this – surely not the easiest subject to broach but helpful for event planners + thoughtful to readers and fans

  2. Sandra /// 03.16.2012 /// 4:24pm

    Money is tricky to talk about -especially as women for some reason. It shouldn’t be! Good idea and great transparency…

  3. the jealous curator /// 03.16.2012 /// 4:47pm

    Yes it is… why I wonder?!
    Thanks Sandra – we’ll make all of these happen. After SF I want to do this everywhere!!! ; )

  4. Cariann /// 03.16.2012 /// 5:34pm

    Save up for this ladies, it’s worth every penny! Skip Starbucks for a few weeks and that Brazilian wax for the month and you can totally afford to go. It’s life changing, seriously!

  5. the jealous curator /// 03.16.2012 /// 6:14pm

    ha! that’s hilarious cariann… and thank you ; )

  6. Rachelle Mee-Chapman /// 03.16.2012 /// 7:27pm

    Oh, thank you! I’ve been biting my lip and twisting my hands trying to decide if I can swing the Seattle event. I’ll keep my eye on the prices, whilst at the same time encouraging you to make sure the energetic/money exchange is right-fit for supporting YOUR important work as well!

  7. the jealous curator /// 03.16.2012 /// 8:08pm

    thanks rachelle… we’re working on the price this weekend for seattle, and should have something sorted out by next week ; )

  8. E Katz /// 03.16.2012 /// 8:30pm

    I’ll be watching for Seattle as well… THANKS!

  9. Melanie /// 03.18.2012 /// 5:13am

    You HAVE to come to Seattle. The End

  10. the jealous curator /// 03.18.2012 /// 8:43am

    i know! i’m trying!!! : )

  11. tiffanie /// 03.18.2012 /// 9:52pm

    I agree with Cariann! Worth every penny!

    That said, I understand that times are tight. I know you’ll find a way to make it happen in all the cities, Danielle, and if there is anything I can do to help, let me know! I can’t wait to hear how the next one goes. xoxo

  12. the jealous curator /// 03.19.2012 /// 7:40am

    Thank you! xoxo

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