i’m jealous of charlotte caron

How do you know when someone is your friend? When they find something like this, and immediately send you the link {thank you Victoria!} These amazing painted animal masks on photographic portraits are the work of French artist Charlotte Caron. They were featured on Trendland yesterday, {so I’m sorry if you’ve already seen them}, but I couldn’t control myself – I had to post them too… it was that petite deer in her cream cable-knit sweater that got me!

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  1. jacqueline /// 05.11.2012 /// 8:25am

    Ok, I totally need to commission a piece like this of myself! Holy cow I love these so much.

  2. Pattern Pulp - Friday Quick Links! /// 05.11.2012 /// 5:01pm

    […] 11. Loving Charlotte Caron’s painted animal masks on photographic portraits via The Jealous Curator […]

  3. painter of words and faces /// 02.25.2013 /// 11:01am

    hello i was wondering does anyone know any thing about charlotte caron i am doing a project for and art observation and i need some info on her thankyou 🙂

  4. the jealous curator /// 02.25.2013 /// 11:44am

    you can go to her site… and if there’s not enough info for you there, you could always send her an email – hopefully she’ll write you back! : )