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Happy weekend! I just wanted to pop in to say a few things about the GIRL CRUSH workshops… that you may not know:

1. You do not have to be an artist to come! I didn’t realize that a bunch of people thought that… nope, you don’t have to be an artist to attend. You just have to be someone who is creative, wants to be creative, wants to recharge those creative batteries, has occasional doubts about creativity, and wants to reach out & meet some other amazing women in your city who are feeling exactly the same way!

2. I make a pretty big deal about the cupcakes, pastries, striped straws and fancy sandwiches… all lovely Pinterest-worthy perks, of course, but not the reason for coming to GIRL CRUSH. Even the afternoon of art making {which again, is a lovely/fun/creative perk} is not the main goal of this day. Granted, I wasn’t even sure what to expect going in, but after seeing and hearing what happened in San Francisco {with Lisa Congdon}, and Seattle {with Tif Fussell}, even I’ve realized it really is so much more than cupcakes and art. The conversations we’ve had, the transparency, the willingness to open up and share doubts and insecurities is beyond moving. That’s what I had hoped it would be about – creative breakthroughs, support from like-minded people, and a new group of creative friends to share success {and fears} with… and I can’t believe it’s really happening. It’s a dream come true to be perfectly honest. I am in awe of the first two groups, and cannot wait to see who arrives in doorways of the other artists’ studios over the coming months!

3. Every penny is used to run the event {we have to pay for those cupcakes and striped straws, right!} I don’t see GIRL CRUSH as a revenue stream for myself, I see these workshops as an amazing opportunity to meet interesting, creative people all over the world… and hopefully be a catalyst to a new perspective, for all of us. I have been working on getting more corporate sponsors so that I can bring the fee down even further… stay tuned! {or if you know of anyone I should talk to, please let me know!}

Ok, I think that’s all. If you have any questions, let me know! There are still a few spaces left in the 2012 workshops:

Portland with Lisa Golightly – June 9th

Minneapolis with Jennifer Davis – June 23rd [SOLD OUT]

Austin with Alyson Fox – September 29th

Philly with Shauna Alterio – October 13th [SOLD OUT]

{Boston, Chicago, Chattanooga, Toronto, LA, Vancouver… and hopefully Hawaii… are tentatively on the schedule for 2013}

Photos above by: Melanie Biehle and Taylor Rae; Hand-lettering artwork found in Lisa Congdon’s studio by Mary Kate McDevitt

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  1. Emily @ Peck Life /// 05.25.2012 /// 2:26pm

    Ah, thank you for posting! I was secretly giddy about the Seattle meetup but didn’t think I qualified because I’m not a legitimate artist or crafter who sells my stuff, oops! NEXT TIME!!!!!! The pastries did look AMAZING….but I agree, there are more important things than that! 🙂 Happy weekend!

  2. the jealous curator /// 05.25.2012 /// 2:31pm

    Thanks Emily… next time for sure! xo

  3. Deirdre /// 05.25.2012 /// 6:34pm

    Oh, goodness…if only you knew how pea-green I am with envy. (And I don’t look good in green, which isn’t making the situation any better.) The fact that Girl Crush isn’t even remotely close to where I live, makes me want to pack up the house, the dog, and the art supplies, and MOVE. Any plans on spreading the joy a little closer to Ohio? I have no problem begging. I’m totally without shame.
    xo Deirdre

  4. the jealous curator /// 05.25.2012 /// 6:45pm

    ha! well, i’ll add it to my list! i’ll go anywhere that we can get a group of 12 together : )

  5. Helen /// 05.26.2012 /// 3:42pm

    Really Chattanooga? Yea!! is there a way I can sign up for more info on the event? How very exciting! (found you via Decor8) My email is mycurlybirds@gmail.com

    Thank you!

  6. the jealous curator /// 05.26.2012 /// 4:55pm

    just emailed you! : )

  7. Kate /// 05.28.2012 /// 12:47am

    I think these workshops are inspired. Perhaps a little further down the line you may go international?! (she asks looking jealously across the Atlantic…)

  8. the jealous curator /// 05.28.2012 /// 6:21am

    i would love to kate! i think that might require a corporate sponsor though… not sure how i’d afford to get over there (she says looking jealously across the atlantic…)

  9. Kate /// 05.28.2012 /// 8:43am

    yes, if only the pesky need to pay for things didn’t stand in the way! perhaps a corporate sponsor is right now working out how to get on board…fingers crossed. I’ll enjoy reading about the future workshops you have planned in the meantime.

  10. the jealous curator /// 05.28.2012 /// 8:48am

    yes… maybe that is happening right now (please universe, make that happen!). i’ll let you know if i’m able to make it across the pond… maybe a european girl crush tour!! YES!!

  11. sandra /// 05.29.2012 /// 3:12pm

    I am a flight attendant and was slightly intoxicated on a layover in Amsterdam when I signed up for this. I’m not quite sure what I am getting into, but it sounded like a good adventure. I am gluten free so will be sad that I can’t eat the cupcakes. I like to draw and am an admirer of Jennifer Davis’ work and I look forward to the day.

  12. the jealous curator /// 05.29.2012 /// 6:17pm

    ha! intoxicated in amsterdam… sounds like a great time to sign up for GIRL CRUSH! 😉 we’ll see if we can find you a gluten free treat or two!
    See you in a few weeks : )

  13. claireH. /// 05.30.2012 /// 4:34am

    So happy to hear Boston will be in the mix for 2013…wish it were sooner. Anyway to get more info on the Boston event? my email is claire.hannafin@comcast.net. thanks.

  14. the jealous curator /// 05.30.2012 /// 6:54am

    just emailed you : ) ps. for anyone else who is interested in Boston, the artist will be Leah Giberson

  15. Brandi Marie /// 05.30.2012 /// 8:44am

    I’d love some info on the Chicago event as I will be visiting there in 2013 🙂 Also, planning to attend the Austin one, though haven’t reserved my spot yet!


  16. the jealous curator /// 05.30.2012 /// 9:34am

    oh that’s great brandi! austin is going to be AMAZING! alyson is hosting it in her new, stunningly beautiful home (i’ll post a few photos when i have them!) AND as soon as i have more details on chicago, i’ll let you know! : )

  17. Mary /// 05.31.2012 /// 1:10am

    I’m with Kate on the international idea. Please put me on your list for people to contact if the European tour becomes a reality! Always willing to help in any way I can as well! Sounds like an achievable goal to me… if I had the cash at hand, I’d certainly invest! 🙂

  18. the jealous curator /// 05.31.2012 /// 7:03am

    ok! we’ll figure something out! ; )

  19. Lisa /// 06.05.2012 /// 4:29pm

    I just registered for Philly! I was actually feeling kind of overwhelmed, a little inferior, and like I might be out of place at Girl Crush. I was scrolling through the blog and found this post just as I told my husband that maybe I should cancel! (Never fear, I was mostly being dramatic. I do that sometimes when I want something pretty bad but am scared to get it, ha!) So, thank you so much for writing this and mentioning explicitly that you don’t have to be an artist, necessarily.

    I’m feeling more reassured knowing that, and I am super excited! See you in Philly!

  20. the jealous curator /// 06.05.2012 /// 4:48pm

    yay! you’re going to love it lisa! we’ve had lots of people at the first two tea parties that weren’t traditional artists (an accountant, a mom of four, a book editor, an antique store owner and so on). i can’t wait to meet you, and all of the other ladies in philly! see you in october : )

  21. miria /// 06.08.2012 /// 9:05pm

    yay for vancouver!

  22. Shannon /// 08.23.2012 /// 8:40am

    Hi, I just started following your blog about a week ago (I love it btw!), so I don’t know if you’ve already done a workshop in New York. I live in Brooklyn and every time a great workshop is going on I’m always hearing about it after it’s sold out. I hope you make it around to Brooklyn sometime, I can always use some creative fuel.

  23. the jealous curator /// 08.23.2012 /// 10:40am

    hi shannon! i had one scheduled for brooklyn last may… but it didn’t fill up?! i’m hoping to try again in 2013. stay tuned ; )

  24. Megan Johnson /// 09.24.2012 /// 10:53pm

    Hi. I just found out about the girl crush parties and absolutely love the idea!! I am not only a huge tea fan (seriously I drink several pots of Taiwanese Oolong a day) but also I have a letterpress, painting and graphic design studio with a roof deck where we can have host the next party in LA if needed. Please keep me posted about plans for LA’s next event! Would love to help or contribute in any way I can.

  25. the jealous curator /// 09.24.2012 /// 11:20pm

    thanks megan! i’ll keep you posted if LA gets back on the list : )

  26. CRISPIN /// 03.27.2013 /// 9:21pm

    Where do I sign up for CHATTANOOGA?

  27. the jealous curator /// 03.27.2013 /// 9:33pm

    oh.. i’ve already come and gone! i didn’t end up doing a girl crush while i was there… i was there to hang an art show and speak to the students/faculty at UTC… unfortunately, i kinda ran out of time to plan a girl crush! : (

  28. CRISPIN /// 03.28.2013 /// 7:59am

    What’s that noise?
    Oh that – it’s the sound of my breaking heart. 🙂

  29. the jealous curator /// 03.28.2013 /// 9:24am

    oh, so sad : (

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