GIRL CRUSH in portlandia

I Portland! Wow… what a lovely city. Tree-lined streets, beautiful old homes, and the location of the latest GIRL CRUSH workshop & tea party!

Sigh ~ we had such an amazing day in the gorgeous home of painter Lisa Golightly. It was literally the perfect setting for an artsy tea party. Our group was made up of all kinds of people… artists, a poet, an actress, an art/design student, an advertising art director, and a couple of “crafty mamas” {… but that’s a story for another day}. After a few scrumptious breakfast pastries, delivered by Elephants Deli, and more than a couple of cups filled with Stumptown coffee, we spent the morning talking uplifting inspirations, crushing insecurities, and everything in between.

… and after all of that talking, listening, laughing, and cursing {yes, it’s true… the occasional bit of non-teaparty-esque language may have been dropped when referring to our always annoying inner critics}, we needed a little sustenance to help us make it through the artsy afternoon that lay ahead:

YUM! After an insanely delicious lunch from Elephants {note: fig & goat cheese tartlets might just be the best thing ever invented}, we moved on to these! Chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet cupcakes decorated with tiny sugar-coated rose petals & mint leaves! Thanks so much to Cupcake Jones for delivering these little bites of heaven to our doorstep!

Ok… sugar? Check. More coffee? Check. Time to head downstairs and make stuff:

I have seen so much of Lisa’s work, but never in person. Let me tell you… it’s fantastic! What an inspiring space to roll up our sleeves and get creative:

So much fun! The folks at Plywerk donated a whole box of gorgeous bamboo panels for us to use for our collages. Paint, bits of found paper, and a few gold animals… ahh, now that’s an afternoon well spent!

I could have worked on these forever! But alas, somehow this lovely day in Portland had come to an end. Thanks so much to everyone that came {Melissa, Laura, Jessica, Autumn, Monica, and Cait}, and thanks so much to Lisa for hosting… I loved every second of this amazing day! xo

{photos: Jessica and Autumn somehow managed to snap all of these photos during our very full day – thanks for sending them my way, girls!}

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  1. Sandra /// 06.12.2012 /// 5:15am

    Memories of Seattle Girl Crush…sniff… Looks like you had another amazing time! Love the collages on wood blocks. And yummy cupcakes of course.

    For anyone who is even remotely considering going to Girl Crush when it hits their neck of the woods – do it! It was so inspiring and supportive and fun and creative. Great conversation too.

  2. Jessica /// 06.12.2012 /// 7:07am

    I LOVED our time together! I keeping thinking of a quote I heard recently, “Whoever is present are the right people.” Thank you Danielle for putting this together. I miss you all already! xo

  3. Ninotchka /// 06.12.2012 /// 7:23am

    Sounds like such a gorgeous day! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. Cassandra Smith /// 06.12.2012 /// 7:30am

    Oh my gosh, I want her studio!! What a dream.

  5. the jealous curator /// 06.12.2012 /// 8:46am

    i know, right?! her studio/home was fantastic… it really was an amazing day.

  6. Lisa Golightly /// 06.12.2012 /// 9:09am

    It was such a great day, I loved meeting and talking with everyone! Thanks again Danielle for doing these!

  7. the jealous curator /// 06.12.2012 /// 9:39am

    thank YOU for hosting! xo

  8. Autumn /// 06.12.2012 /// 10:29am

    This was such a special day — a time to retreat & reconnect. Thank you so much to Lisa for sharing her home with us and to Danielle for coming up with this amazing idea in the first place!! I had a wonderful day with everyone. 🙂

  9. the jealous curator /// 06.12.2012 /// 12:13pm


  10. Melanie /// 06.15.2012 /// 4:35am

    This looks awesome! I’m so jealous/happy that you guys had a great time. I love the collages that everyone did. They’re fantastic! xo

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  12. Marisa Green /// 08.01.2012 /// 11:41am

    I love this idea and sorry I missed it. I’ll have to keep an eye out if you come back to Portland.

  13. Alana /// 08.25.2012 /// 6:59am

    Will you ever come to south Florida??? I would love to join in this fantastic concept
    Thanks for a great zine

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