i’m jealous of toshiko horiuchi macadam

Cool building, right? Right! It was designed by the Japanese firm, TIS & PARTNERS for Japan’s Hakone Open-Air Museum… but wait until you see what’s inside of that cool building!

HAND-CROCHETED ART, THAT YOU CAN CLIMB AROUND IN!!! Are the ‘all-caps’ helping you sense my excitement? Ok, it’s actually meant for children to play in, but you better believe my shoes would be off, and I’d be in there in a heartbeat! This amazing installation was created by Japanese textile and fibre artist Toshiko Horiuchi Macadam. She is currently based in Halifax, Canada where she teaches “fiber, fabric, fashion” at NSCAD. Sigh. Amazing.

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  1. Laura /// 06.13.2012 /// 9:58pm

    That is exactly the thought I had: I wanna play there!!

  2. Freja Moon /// 06.14.2012 /// 5:58am

    Oh, I will reblog it…it is so cool:) Thanks

  3. Saskia /// 06.15.2012 /// 5:08am

    Definitely worthy of all-caps, and three exclamation points. That looks absolutely INCREDIBLE.

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  7. Mikki /// 07.08.2012 /// 2:59pm

    Lovely. Great idea. Sounds like a lot of fun. Crochet, not knit. Sorry.

  8. the jealous curator /// 07.08.2012 /// 4:13pm

    oops – change made… thanks : )

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  10. mhm /// 10.07.2012 /// 6:55am

    My name is Micah Horiuchi MacAdam and that is my mother’s work. lol

  11. the jealous curator /// 10.07.2012 /// 7:32am

    really?! you must be VERY proud!

  12. Shayla /// 10.27.2012 /// 7:58am

    Oh gosh! I love running into my professors works on the internet! She taught me, she’s an amazing artist and potentially one of the most interesting people to talk to!

  13. mhm /// 09.29.2013 /// 11:03pm

    I am indeed very proud and was lucky to play on them when I was very little. She is one of my role models and now I want to be an artist too by becoming an actor.

  14. the jealous curator /// 09.30.2013 /// 6:14am

    WOW – very cool that you got to actually play on these! good luck with all of your creative plans : )

  15. Philo Ikwuaku /// 08.10.2017 /// 11:19am

    This is creativity in action. Amazing and terrific.

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