i’m jealous of banksy

I have loved the work of Banksy for ages. I’m not sure why I’ve never written about him before… in all honesty, I thought I had… but no. Hm. Anywho, since most of us probably spent the weekend watching the London Olympics get underway, I thought I’d do my own artsy ode to London… via Bansky, and his ridiculously creative work. Oh look, a little pole vaulting to kick things off:

So clever ♥

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  1. Kathleen /// 07.31.2012 /// 5:51am

    Have you watched Exit Through The Gift Shop yet? I would love to hear your thoughts on it – because I left the theater kind of mind-fucked over the whole thing.

  2. the jealous curator /// 07.31.2012 /// 8:58am


  3. Jesse /// 08.04.2012 /// 9:46pm

    Banksy stirs those art loving places deep inside of me! I couldn’t shut up about that movie for days and no one wanted to explore the possibilities with me. It has to be a stab at the commoditization of creative works by the money grubbing art world, right? Doesn’t the name even imply it? No way Thierry pulled all of that off himself.

  4. the jealous curator /// 08.04.2012 /// 10:55pm

    oh, i had a truckload of theories. i so badly wanted thierry to actually be banksy. wouldn’t that be awesome? yeah, anyway, it ended and i was confused… which i think might be the point! ; )

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