i’m jealous of abbey mcculloch

Is it possible to be totally smitten, yet somewhat terrified? Yes, yes it is. These bizarrely beautiful oil paintings by Australian artist Abbey McCulloch have my heart racing… I’m not sure if it’s because of her stunning color choices, her spooky girls, or that tiny pink pig. Hm, I’m going to go with d) All of the above.

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  1. Maria /// 07.31.2012 /// 11:00am

    Wow, those faces are stunning. So much expression through so little detail.

  2. Nina Lise@Mrs Moen /// 08.02.2012 /// 8:47am

    All of the above for sure! Love them!

  3. Abbey McCulloch | ARTFLAKES - Blog /// 08.30.2012 /// 10:37pm

    […] All images © Abbey McCulloch (via) […]

  4. Adrien Patout /// 12.22.2012 /// 10:42pm

    I heard about her a few weeks ago, she’s great indeed…as you say , both in colors/shapes/aesthetics, and in the subjects dealt with. Thanks for sharing her work.