i’m jealous of jessica eaton

Ok, apparently these striking images are photographs. I have no idea how Montreal based photographer Jessica Eaton created this work. Mind you, that’s part of the reason I love them so much… they are an artsy mystery to me! If you’re not happy with a mystery, and want a little more info, here is a quote from her bio on the Clint Roenisch Gallery site that might help explain… maybe:

Using a wide array of experimental, analogue-based photographic techniques such as colour separation filters, multiple exposures, dark slides and in-camera masking Jessica Eaton builds images on sheets of 4×5 film that address fundamental properties of photography such as light, chance, duration, illusion and spatial relations.

{Thanks to my friend Patrick for pointing me to Jessica’s amazing work.}

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  1. Jessica /// 08.28.2012 /// 7:07am

    I can’t believe those are photographs – I thought they were paintings! Now I want to learn how to do all that stuff with colour separation filters, multiple exposures, and in-camera masking. These are awesome!

  2. Sara /// 08.28.2012 /// 1:37pm

    I am glad you explained this too- I thought they were painted sculptures.. i love the tech/innovation part, along with the color, form etc

  3. the jealous curator /// 08.28.2012 /// 2:40pm

    i know, right?! i am still completely in awe of this work.

  4. Artsy Forager /// 08.28.2012 /// 3:20pm

    Incredible!! My mouth dropped open when I read that these were photographs. I’m even more in awe after I read that they are created using analog processes. Speechless. Terrific find!

  5. Flau Records : Thieving Walrus /// 08.28.2012 /// 6:54pm

    […] Mix Photographs (!!): Jessica Eaton Published: August 28, 2012 Filed Under: Art, Mix Leave a Comment Name: […]

  6. Clint /// 08.30.2012 /// 2:21pm

    Jessica Eaton: Squeezed Coherent States opens in Toronto at Clint Roenisch on Sept. 6th, 2012.

  7. the jealous curator /// 08.30.2012 /// 5:33pm

    thanks clint!

  8. Bill /// 10.15.2012 /// 4:06am

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