i’m jealous of pamela sunday

Atoms, and spikes, and hives, oh my! The ceramic work of Brooklyn based artist Pamela Sunday is killing me. I want to pick them up, touch them, and most importantly… own all of them! She is inspired by nature and science, and I am inspired by her ~ sigh ~ such beautiful work.

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  1. Lianne /// 08.29.2012 /// 11:35am

    Absolutely heavenly. This is what ceramics are about. Just look at the textures, and don’t get me started on the skill involved. I dread to think. Incredible work. Just incredible.

  2. Artsy Forager /// 08.29.2012 /// 1:11pm

    These are incredible! The textures are so soft and organic. LOVE.

  3. Jane Stanfield Elliott /// 08.29.2012 /// 2:51pm

    I am jealous of the jealous curator- your site is humbling & uplifting. Such conflict. Is there a way to start at the beginning, since I have only recently discovered you? – Jane

  4. Amanda /// 08.30.2012 /// 8:11am

    I share an obsession with cells, spores, science, and nature in my work as well…I love these spheres! Beautiful work indeed.

  5. Ana /// 08.31.2012 /// 12:38pm

    And I am, as Jane above me, jealous of The Jealous Curator 😀 .

  6. Rick CLement /// 09.24.2015 /// 12:54pm

    These remind me of