i’m jealous of jane schmidt

Well hello sweetness! I found these gouachie little gems on Buy Some Damn Art today. They are the work of American artist Jane Schmidt, and I think they are just the loveliest things ever! Candy-hued backgrounds, strange vintage bits n’ pieces, and oh my… that pig with his Paris snow globe… ♥

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  1. Hagar /// 09.05.2012 /// 6:40am

    Love! The pig and the astronaut with the red dog nest to him…(mmm, is the red dog a funnel…?)

  2. the jealous curator /// 09.05.2012 /// 11:35am

    i’m guessing he’s a little milk jug ; ) aren’t they all just so lovely?!

  3. Kathy /// 09.05.2012 /// 2:39pm

    How VERY cool. Thanks for introducing me to Jane Schmidt AND Buy Some Damn Art.

  4. kate - buy some damn art /// 09.06.2012 /// 2:35pm

    aren’t they too much? jane framed them so well too. her other work (landscapes, seascapes) is also awesome and totally different! http://janeschmidt.com

  5. Christina /// 09.08.2012 /// 9:22am

    She is my teacher at Art Institute of Charlotte. Learned a lot in her class 🙂

  6. Paula /// 09.14.2012 /// 11:08am

    The paintings look like still life from a curiosity cabinet, loved it! Christina is very lucky to have Jane as her teacher! xx