i’m jealous of serena cole

Whoa. Lovely, and kinda weird…. my favorite combo! These portraits are the work of American artist Serena Cole. I was in Minneapolis in June, and I wish I was still there because Serena has a show opening at SooVAC on September 15th. If you’re there… go!

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  1. Catherine /// 09.06.2012 /// 6:51am

    Love these, they are so gorgeous. The way the hair is done is amazing.

  2. Joe /// 09.06.2012 /// 12:26pm

    I am also jealous of Serena Cole. They’re even more amazing in person – can’t wait to see her soovac show! Go Serena!

  3. the jealous curator /// 09.06.2012 /// 1:06pm

    lucky you… you get to go! have a great time!!

  4. Rachel /// 09.06.2012 /// 2:57pm

    These are lovely, I wish I was in Minneapolis too!

  5. allie kelley /// 09.06.2012 /// 7:50pm