i’m still jealous of matthias heiderich

Yowza. I wrote about Berlin based artist Matthias Heiderich and his “Snow Blind” series almost two years ago. And then I saw these. I wish you could see me as I write this. I’m wearing an aqua sweater, and a bright yellow belt. Seriously. Sigh. Yep, I absolutely love these striking, simple, bold photographs. The end.

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  1. Donna-Marie /// 09.20.2012 /// 7:01am

    Who knew street lights were so beautiful? Oh, I guess Matthias did.

  2. Giova Brusa /// 09.20.2012 /// 7:46am

    Wow!! I’m jealous too! So beautiful and cool!

  3. Artsy Forager /// 09.20.2012 /// 8:51am

    I completely swoon at his Berlin series. The turquoise skies get me every time!

  4. Mark Morton /// 09.20.2012 /// 10:34am

    Check out Tip Top Gallery to buy some of his prints. http://tiptopgallery.com/category/Matthias_Heiderich/c25

  5. Miss Ruth /// 09.21.2012 /// 6:28am

    So beautiful!