i’m jealous of jim lambie

Tape. In elaborate, perfect patterns. On the floor… which is where I currently am. Yep, I’m in complete awe of these insane installations by Scottish artist Jim Lambie. I can’t even imagine the patience something like this would take. Whoa. Ok, so maybe I’ll just stay down on the ground until I catch my breath – see you on Monday! Happy weekend : )

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  1. janis-pinecone camp /// 09.21.2012 /// 8:27am

    Love it! That’s pretty incredible. I wouldn’t have the patience, I don’t think 😉

  2. the jealous curator /// 09.21.2012 /// 9:29am

    i KNOW i wouldn’t!

  3. Artsy Forager /// 09.21.2012 /// 10:37am

    Love the way the lines in the last image seem to be melting from the center! Reminds me a bit of Markus Linnenbrink’s work. The installation with the chairs is fab!

  4. Ana /// 09.21.2012 /// 10:49am

    I’ve seen this on Tumblr, he’s got amazing works!

  5. Tricia /// 09.21.2012 /// 4:24pm

    I can’t believe that is tape! I will check out his site on my own, but are there any videos of the installation of this? I would love to see it! I wonder how long it takes him?

  6. the jealous curator /// 09.22.2012 /// 7:25pm

    i haven’t seen any… but yes, i cannot even imagine how long it takes to do this work!?

  7. elysia /// 09.22.2012 /// 8:33pm

    My ex worked with a group of people to install one of these works at ACCA in Melbourne a few years ago, I’m pretty sure he didn’t get paid to do it either. So I suppose the answer is that the artist doesn’t need much patience at all because he gets other people install it for him…

  8. the jealous curator /// 09.23.2012 /// 7:43am

    yeah, i didn’t even think of that. i’ve seen some big wall murals that were installed by other people (vision/design by the artist, of course!)

  9. Chrissy Foreman Cranitch /// 10.01.2012 /// 12:43pm

    Oh my! What a punch in the eye candy!
    Just delicious!
    So glad I found your blog, it’s amazing!
    Love Chrissy x

  10. the jealous curator /// 10.01.2012 /// 12:46pm

    ha! thanks so much chrissy : )

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