i’m jealous of neil krug, volume 2

American photographer Neil Krug has me swooning… again. I wrote about PULP ART BOOK in 2010, but now there’s a volume 2 – and it’s filled with even more sassy, vintagey, vixen-ish images that I absolutely love! These shots look like stills from a 1970s B-movie, and they kinda make me want to light a fire and commune with nature! However, there are also these ones {no nature in sight, but I was totally incapable of leaving them out of this post!}


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  1. ContessaGrigia /// 10.16.2012 /// 9:28pm

    Exactly what I was thinking as I scrolled down. Enjoyed the photographs! The over exposed areas of some of the photos gives a nice touch. The models even have a 70’s type of physic. Thanks for the share.

  2. Topsy /// 10.19.2012 /// 11:30am

    Wow. I love these a lot, all so good. No, they’re sooooo good.

  3. Mandy /// 10.19.2012 /// 10:10pm

    Love Love Neil Krug. I stumbled upon him after swooning over pictures of First Aid Kit. I’m so thrilled to see you found him too. Sweet Blog.

  4. Kim Smith /// 03.11.2013 /// 12:04pm

    Re: Your FB posting about the Pinterest pull, I guess for some it’s a fine line between art and porn. And they don’t let their children visit museums??? Probably some prude somewhere flagging images. These photos are beautiful. Art. (Love the Pinterest page you tagged in your FB posting. Also more art. Thanks.)