i’m jealous of putput

Oh! Look what arrived in my inbox a few days ago… sponge popsicles! They are the work of PUTPUT – a Swiss/Danish artist group established in 2011, and based in Copenhagen. They make, and then photograph some pretty fantastic things… like those sponge popsicles, of course, and these perfectly cut cinderblocks made from pink foam:

Yep. Jealous.

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  1. Ana /// 10.24.2012 /// 8:21am

    This is a truly original idea, I love it. (And look at those colours! Love them, too.)

  2. the jealous curator /// 10.24.2012 /// 12:30pm

    so good… and now i want a fudgsicle!

  3. m.a.tateishi /// 10.24.2012 /// 6:58pm

    Just think, with a sponge fudgsicle, you could make a mess and clean it up at the same time!

  4. the jealous curator /// 10.24.2012 /// 7:57pm


  5. Jörg /// 10.25.2012 /// 12:54am

    I really could use an ice cream right now… hmm … sweet, sweet ice cream … dripping of jealousness … hmmm …

  6. Kathy W /// 10.26.2012 /// 6:15pm


  7. Zia Daugherty /// 10.29.2012 /// 5:45am

    Haha, nice!

  8. PUTPUT Popsicles | Diskursdisko /// 11.01.2012 /// 7:11am

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