i’m jealous of fiona ackerman

Ok, let me take a quick step back here. Vancouver based artist Fiona Ackerman is an amazing painter who I’ve loved for ages. I’m sure you know her, but here’s a quick reminder of the work she’s famous for:

Gorgeous! Now, on to today’s post. I just came across her latest series of paintings. They’re totally different, yet I recognized them immediately as “Fiona Ackerman”. These new, large-scale oil paintings look like photographic studies, or dissections, of everything that has come before… and I LOVE all of it!

I totally admire anyone that continues to push, change, and grow with their work. That would be you, Fiona!

{I saw this new work featured on Booooooom – thanks Jeff!}

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  1. Nicole /// 10.25.2012 /// 7:50am

    Those are incredible!! I absolutely love how she evolved from a slightly frenetic style to a more controlled one. Both are equally awesome, but it’s like she’s showing her collage/crazy/colorful viewpoint from another angle. Love that she can do that while still keeping her personal style intact.

  2. Christina /// 10.25.2012 /// 8:11am

    Exciting work.

  3. Rowan Moore Seifred /// 10.25.2012 /// 8:41am

    Inspirational as always. Thanks for keeping us artist types from slashing our wrists with missives like these. Keep on keepin’ on. There is always something new in what we’ve been doing forever.

  4. the jealous curator /// 10.25.2012 /// 5:52pm

    absolutely! you just have to stop and reexamine every now and again (easier said than done, of course!)

  5. Ashley Hamilton /// 10.25.2012 /// 6:12pm